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V for Visionary: The up and coming places of Sector V

Sector V View from Lake
A zone in steady grow - Biswarup Ganguly / CC BY

Built near the crossing of the Hugli river lies the present and future of north-eastern India, Sector V. With a rapidly expanding IT industry and the flourishment of restaurants, hotels, sports and entertainment venues and many more, this industrial zone of the city of Bidhannagar, also called Salt Lake City, is a place you don’t want to miss in your visit to Kolkata.

V for V.I.P. zone of commerce and technology

Planned as a satellite city, it was meant to be a relief for the booming population of Kolkata, one of the nearest centers of commerce and industry. Through most of the second half of the 20th century, Bidhannagar was comprised of the first three sectors, mostly housing endeavors; but in the late 90s up to the new millennium, the true powerhouses, Sector IV and V fueled the cities industrial and touristic possibilities.

Sector V has, in the last few years, grown into one of the most prosperous and advanced zones for IT industries looking to establish themselves in India. This has attracted the interest of investors, local and foreign, who have surround it with lots of commodities. It is also located among other expanding zones worth of a visit like New Town.

V for Variety of places to hang around

This compound of ever-growing zones needed a fast way of travel for the work force and it has become a reality with the metro station that was inaugurated this year. It connects the sector entrance with the also new line 2 of the Kolkata Metro service. Also nearby is the Salt Lake City Stadium station that leaves its users near the stadium of the same name, a multipurpose sport facility that has hold international events like the FIFA U-17 World Cup and was, at one point, the biggest stadium in the world.

Besides sports, the sector has some incredible places to have a fun time near the bay in the form of parks suited for each type of person. If you are more of a ride enthusiast, you can visit the Wet O Wild a few meters outside the industrial zone. This water park has everything for all ages, a kiddie pool and exhilarating slides with turns and deep falls.

Inside this area you also will find, Nicco Park, one of the best in the north-eastern part of India. Home of one of the oldest wooden rollercoasters, a mirror maze, a cable car ride, and even the first complete dark attraction in India. There is a lot to do for a weekend near Sector V with friends and family.

During this pandemic they are temporarily closed but it is good to have them noted to go as soon as they reopen.

V for Vigorous nature and nightlife

Rose Garden Eco Park
Enjoy the rose gardens in Eco Park - Sayandeb5152 / CC BY-SA

But for the more nature loving people, Sector V and the surrounding zones also provide the population with plenty of parks and scenery. One of the most promising ones is the Eco Park in the nearby New Town, with more than 400 acres of lush plants and various thematic exhibitions: from miniature versions of the New Wonders of the world to a Japanese-styled garden; there's a place for everybody. With food courts, a museum and stores, the park is an excelent option to spend a whole day.

If you want to escape reality for a moment, you can take a trip to RDB Cinemas, the movie theater of Sector V. It is located in the south, near the bay, which puts it right in the company of restaurants, big stores and other interesting venues for an afternoon after work.

Even more into the nightlife, there’s an array of options in clubs and dining for the more party animal individuals like Club Fenicia or the aptly named PPT, Perfect Place in Town, where the cocktails and the dance floor in the rooftops make for an unforgettable experience.

V for Visit us soon!

Even though the pandemic has made travel and safety a little more difficult to achieve, the people and industries of Sector V are more resilient than ever to make your stay at this place a welcoming one. The explosion of commerce and industry in technology has made this part of the city the perfect place for resurgence in this troubling times. Whether your visit is for vacation or work, Sector V has everything that you need and more.

If you want to know more about the places to dine, shop and entertain yourself, check out our other articles about the wonderful options that the city provides for you.



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