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Coffee Shops in Sector 5 and Nearby

Coffee is famous as the world’s most popular beverage. It is due to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. It also seems very useful for health. Studies show that by drinking coffee drinkers you can lower the risk of several serious diseases. Coffee helps people to feel less tired and increase energy levels. Also, caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine in the brain.

Similarly, caffeine can specifically increase fat burning by as much as 10%. It stimulates your nervous system, signaling fat cells to break down body fat. Now I am going to discuss some famous coffee shops in sector v Kolkata.

Barista Lavazza:

Barista is famous for its variety of Coffee and Sandwich. They serve smoothies and other cold beverages in a long glass generally which is very attractive. Smoothies and coffee mocha is good in taste and fresh. It is a unique restaurant with good decoration and well-behaved staff.

Source: LBB (Barista Lavazza, Sector V)

The ambiance of this place is also great. You should prefer this place for having coffee. For small snacks, there is lots of option in pasta, sandwiches, Pizza. They cook pasta very well. The specialty of this café is Barista Mocha frappe with Spinach and corn. To sum up all, it is a great place to have chit chats with friends.

Tea junction:

This restaurant is very good in terms of both the quality and quantity of food being served. Also, the charges are nominal here. They provide a variety of appetizers. You will love this place. It is designed to drive away from the monotony from our regular lives as we sit down on the Tea Chests, sip tea, and watch the rest of the world pass by. As 'The Tea Junction' provides a wide range of products specializing in Indian savories and desserts.

Source: Magicpin (Tea Junction, Sector V)

The ambiance of this place is also quite nice. After a busy day if you search for coffee then come over this place. The coffee at this place is really awesome. Also, you can enjoy having some snacks here. You can also eat patties, samosa, and kachori.

Calcutta 64:

This tiny cafe near sector V is gaining a lot of popularity. The seating might be limited. They offer quick service. Also, the food is very healthy here what’s even cooler it looks like an art exhibit space. So, if you like their décor, you can take it home. Their food is reasonably priced, with tea and coffee offered at INR 40 – 50. Also, they serve pasta ranging from INR 120 to 160. You can have ink Sauce and the Swiss Pie.

Source: LBB (Calcutta 64, Sector V)

Courting Coffee:

This is an amazing place for coffee lovers. Also, the name is as cute as the place. Floor and table seating is available for everyone. You can have books and board games too. They attract large groups of co-workers and friends because of their dedicated space for brainstorming. You can see the hand-painted kettles and colorful artwork strewn around the cafe. You can also pick up some of the best on your way out.

Source: Am2Pmfoods (Courting Coffee, Slat Lake Sector V)

The price here is very much reasonable. This little café offers hot beverages starting at INR 60. You can found their Peanut butter and Banana Smoothie and Waffles drenched in Chocolate Sauce really good.

Le Coffee Crème:

This one is famous as a photo lover’s paradise! The walls are covered with beautiful photographs. Large and spacious, Le Coffee Crème is a fantastic place to relieve your stress. You can do some creative work or even brainstorm while you enjoy a cuppa! Their delicious menu has a variety of cuisines to pick from. Prices start at around INR 110 and can go up to 400. You should try the Special Chocolate Crepe and the Caramel Latte.

Source: dineout (Le Coffee Creme, Slat Lake, Sector V)

Pappu Chaiwalla:

If you want to have a cup of strong tea or coffee this is the best place for you near sector V. It’s like a colorful old-school which fascinates the people by its taste. Each can is painted in a unique pattern. You can also use this as a great selfie backdrop. They don’t have indoor seating. Overall, it’s a great place to have coffee with your friends. This place is quite cheap and friendly. The average price of coffee is INR 40. Also, you can order the Pappu ki Chai and Mutton Keema Bun.

Source: Just Dial (Pappu Chaiwalla, Salt Lake)

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